Friday, August 13, 2010

Why you should AVOID using toxic cheicals AT ALL COSTS in your personal care products, and use pure & natural ones instead.

It never ceaes to amaze me how manufacturing companies of personal care products and other companies who make products to beautify you, will continue to put toxic chemicals in their products without knowing the hazards or repercussions that they can cause to one's health. They; the companies and the consumers who use them don't seems to understand that toxic chemicals used to maked these products can penetrate thru the skin and be absorbed like a sponge and eventually reach the body's organs and tissues as well as the cells throughout the body and can cause major health issues plus make one sick over a period of time.
I can't seem to understand why one would want to rub, shampoo, bathe, wash or beautify themselves with toxic chemicals is beyond my comprehension. I would much rather use something that is more in sync. w/nature.
When you go shopping for personal care products, try to at least buy ones that are pure, organic & natural as possible. And be leary of lotions & shampoos that say on the label that they are natural and organic cause in essence they may not actually be that way. They need to be at least certified organic. So read labels carefully. after all, in this day and age, we need to be label readers anyway to get our moneys worth.
*Also, choose your dental health products wisely. Try to buy natural ones there as well.(ie: natural toothpaste w/out flouride; not good for your health. & natural mouthwash.) Remember, what you choose to put into your mouth is absorbed thru your gums and throughout your body. Pure baking soda made into a consistency of toothpaste is a good altenative to consider.
If possible, try to make your own personal care products from scratch. There are many herbals you can use to put together to beautify yourself, there are natural recipes you can make for lotions or soaps. Try to make your own toothpaste using baking soda and a little water as mentioned above. Do not use hydrogen peroxide to the mix if you had dental work done in the past. Also, for mouthwash, you can mix some herbal teas together. There are various ways to make your own personal care products if you opt to do that for safety's sake. *The botttom line here is that
you make sure your personal care products you use are very pure, natural & certified organic as possible. You will be better off in the long run and plus your health won't have to suffer for it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Holistic Warriors-1: NEW WEB SITE.

Holistic Warriors-1: NEW WEB SITE.


*Please Note: I have a brand new upgraded website; due to big changes in my previous one and did not work out for me and had to resort to a new one. the site address is as follows: Please feel free to check it out and leave me a comment on my comments page and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

International Center for Reiki Training

International Center for Reiki Training

Eating unadulterated & organic food is best & vital to one's health.

Many years ago,people used to rely on growing their crops(fruits, veggies etc.) and raising their chickensfor eggs to help sustain their own health. they didn't have agricultural farms back then, good thing. They canned their own fruits & vegetables in mason jars and kept them fresh in storage until it was needed for a meal. And other times, they relied on their country to go & get their meats, bread, & other essentials. Well, that was then & this is now. Today, so much of our own food we need to eat is chemicallly proecessed and adulterated to the point that is just unfit to eat and void of the many nutrients we need for our bodies to function properly. Take for example, milk, back then people milked their own cows for the milk they needed to consume & kept it in cold storage with a big chunk of block ice inside. Back then it was probably called raw milk, which was more than likely better for you. Today, milk is pasteurized to such a high degree that all the nutrients in it are literally boiled out and the chemicals used to pasteurize it make it void of al its nutrients. Which is why and it makes sense that manufacturing companies have to put back vitamin D & calcium into the milk.
I have learned thru the years who so many additives & preservatives are put in food now days, it is to extend the shelf life of the food product itself or else it would just sit there and spoil. But, guess what, that particular food won't extend your shelf life,it will just shorten it as it will overtime cause damage to your health.
That is why it is so critical & vital to eat as much pure, natural and organic food as possible. Because, we know that it is free of chemicals, hormones, and pesticides & raised in a natural state the way it should be. Also, it is better to try & cook your own food from scratch insted of buying it already cooked. Just tastes a whole lot better when it is prepared from homemade.
Speaking of organic food, I have reading quite a bit about GMO's-which are genetically modified organics. From what I understand & gather, manufacturers will try to genetically alter the state of organic food without labeling as so, & sneak it in there and make consumers think that it is organic when in fact it is not. That in my books in called sneaking and downright lying. Right now there is a fight going that we need to be aware of & fight for, whre BIG AGRI(agriculture) & the FDA want to put GMO's in organic food to cause people to be sick and rely on BIG PHARMA. This needs to stop. There is a website,a natural health organization site you can check out & sign a petition to stop this.
So, try to look for organic food that says Non GMO on th label. That way you can be assured that it says what it means because this food most likely was raised on an organic farm & manfactured in a facility that processes non GMO organic food.
So; in an nutshell,let's do our part to stay healthy as possible by eating good, natural, pure, & non GMO organic food products. I'm quite sure your body will thank you for it, and you will stay healthier in the long run.
One more add on here, and this is just my own opinion and you can take it for what its worth: I really think & believe this is why so many people contract the deadly enemy cancer is because of toxic chemicals in our food, so let's do our best to avoid these hazardous toxins and stay well.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Main Reason it is ideal & essential to supplement with all natural & pure supplements including whole foods types; vs synthetic-man made brands.

I know that most people take good vitamins to help promote their health and that's good, but are they of good & excellent quality?

I would like to offer some suggestions to those folks who are concerned about their over-all health and would rather supplement with good quality vitamins and whole food supplements for their specific health conditions & issues as an alternative to prescription meds that do not heal naturally. This also applies to folks who just take run of the mill synthetic supplements, I would like to offer this an an educational tool as well.
First of all and foremost,make doubly sure the supplements you are taking are of a high quality and that they are very pure & natural. In other words,make sure you are getting your money's worth(more bang for your buck sort of speak) cause taking care of your natural health is a very good & wise investment now and in the future. Whatever you do,DO NOT take any synthetic brands for this very reason: They are not nutritional, they do nothing good for your body, they only go thru and exit your body via the urine by the kidneys w/out being properly absorbed, well you might as well not even have taken any supplements cause they didn't do your body any kind of good. And most importantly, they contain chemical preservatives & additives that are no good for you, they are just toxic man-made vitamins. They also contain binders & fillers as well.
So, when buying your next supplement; try and purchase them at a health food or nutritional center to let the business know you support good quality supplements.
The following are some suggestions to consider when buying pure & natural supplents:
*Stringest Criteria- Must avoid additives or synthetic nutrients. Only consider natural & whole food based multivitamins. These are the best ones to take.
*Must be produced by a highly reputable company.- With the highest quality control manufacturing practices in place. Focus on quality as a higher priority than quanity.
*Must go beyond RDA & RDI guidelines- RDA/RDI amounts define the lower limits of daily nutrient intake.
*Must include the added bonus of essential minerals- Minerals addd their unique layer of nutritional support. Many high-potency multivitamins w/rich vitamin concentrations lack important minerals.

Also, if you desire taking herbal supplements, consider the above & consult a qualified herbal practitioner who can guide you or do a through research about herbals on the internet. It is also a good idea to purchase a well rounded book about herbals to just have on hand to refer to.

Monday, December 14, 2009

SUBJECT: Why reflexology is considered a holistic modality.

In the event some of you may not know what reflexology is, I will brief you in: It is an ancient old art that focuses on the reflex points on the hands and feet, it is also a form of acupressure done on the feet which I specialize in.
I would like to extend that somewhat & go into that further by explaining how the skillful art of reflexology is categorized under the alternative field of holistic health & why it is considered a holstic modality.
Since I am on the subject on holistic health here, I feel that reflexology plays a crucial & important role when it comes to our holistic health. As you may already know, holistic means looking at things or individuals from a viewpoint of wholeness or wholisms, technicallly the word should be spelled with a wh, ie: wholistic. As in holistic health; naturopathic, homeopathic physcians, doctors of oriental medicine & most chiropractors look at their patients as a whole entity & treat them likewise. They just don't treat the disease that's inside the person, rather they look for the root or main cause of the disease itself and treat it that way, thereby eliminating the debilitating symptoms. They specialize in treating the person as a whole rather than treating the symptoms. I like to think of the math equation that says: A whole is equal to the sum of its parts. In case you may be interested; the father of holistic health and the man that started it all goes by the name of Edgar Cayce.
Getting back to reflexology for a moment, if you stop and think about it, reflexology is a holistic skill, every reflex point on the foot is a mirror image of the parts of the body. That's why it is important that when one has the treatment done on their own feet, it will greatly center their mind, body and soul back to a holistic frame of life. It just basically makes sense that it is a holistic modality. It treats all the reflex points at one time, thereby treating the whole entire person, not just a single body part. We as individuals should embrace the idea of holistic health & the skillful art of reflexology together.